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Customized Dog Training in Charlotte, North Carolina

      Having a well-mannered and confident dog is rewarding. Queen City Canine in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers comprehensive group and one-on-one dog training services that are customized for you and your companion.

You Share a Special Relationship with Your Dog
The relationship between owners and their dogs starts with obedience. We're committed to improving and adding to that bond through a variety of fun and enjoyable activities. We understand that different breeds enjoy different activities.

That's why we create an outlet for your dog based on their breed.

Blending Your Lifestyle with the Needs of Your Dog
Dogs have been our companions for centuries—we love them and want to spend time with them, but life gets busy. So it's important that the time we spend with them is quality time that fulfills you and your dog.

Queen City Canine emphasizes the importance of building a lifestyle that dogs need—making your life a lot easier in the process. It all begins with proper communication, and grows to so much more. Once we have a common language with our dogs, obedience and enjoyment follow.

To set up your customized dog training plan or to learn more, please contact us.
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