Combine 16 years of canine training experience with fantastic Charlotte community knowledge and you’ll find Queen City Canine, the perfect place for your furry best friend. We pride ourselves on providing insight to continue you and your dog’s success in training, socialization and living a healthy life with our blog articles straight from owner Alan Wooten himself!



Incorporating training routines with play creates a positive and healthy environment for both you and your dog. In this exercise-focused article, Alan outlines a few easy ways to make sure your pet receives the proper amount of daily exercise.

Creating a Positive Lifestyle With Your Dog

Queen City Canine founder Alan Wooten has a strong understanding of how dogs operate in a team. In this article, we help you understand how packs function and how to become, and remain, the leader.


House Training Tips

House training can be a frustrating part of the puppy stage, so we’re here to provide some quick tips to smooth over the process.


Basic Commands

Sit. Stay. Good dog! Basic commands are a great place to start your pet’s training process and are important to establish who’s really in charge: you.


Puppy Rules

Starting with a strong foundation sets you and your puppy up for training success. Follow Alan’s rules for easy, everyday habits to develop with your new best friend.


Training is important with your dog, but simply learning how to treat guests is a way to ensure everyone loves your pup like you do!

Puppy Commands

These three basic commands are easy ways to begin teaching obedience in your dog!