Puppy Commands



Make your puppy sit for everything. Habits start early. If they’re used to sitting for attention and food, then they’ll be less likely to jump for those things as an adult dog. It’s important to command them to sit before they have a chance to jump so be prepared, and give the command as they’re coming towards you. This will develop good manners. Be quick to show approval when they sit Release them from the command instead of letting them break on their own.


The most important thing to remember about teaching a puppy to come is to make it enjoyable for them. Give them plenty of praise as they’re heading towards you. Focus on the action of ‘come’. Do whatever it takes to get them moving in your direction by kneeling down, using lots of praise, and motivating them with a treat or praise. Your puppy should start heading in your direction within a few seconds of you calling him.  Have them ‘sit’ when they get to you. Keep it simple and easy. You can make it more challenging as they get older. Take turns with everyone calling your puppy, so he gets used to responding to everyone in the family.


The Place Command means go to a designated spot, like their bed, a blanket, a chair, etc… It can be any object. The goal is for them to enjoy going to ‘place’, and to stay there until they’re released. As a puppy, just get them used to going there for short periods of time. Having them stay there for a longer time and in more difficult situations will get better with time.  It’s not a “time out”.  It is meant to be used to include them and show them where to go within their pack. It gives them direction. Over time, you can do ‘place’ anywhere. You can use food or a special chew toy when they go to place.