Creating a Positive Lifestyle For You and Your Dog


Obedience builds the foundation for a quality relationship with dogs.

Leash training is the first step to communication with our friends. A leash allows us to gain dogs’ attention so we can establish ourselves as the Alpha. Dogs become relaxed and focused through leadership. There’s a language barrier between us and our dogs. We fix this by using a simple and clear language.

There’s no equality within a Dog Pack.

Most behavior issues are corrected by establishing rank within your pack. When all the members know their position, the pack becomes cohesive. That happens with a few simple and consistent rules at home. Unwanted behaviors occur when there’s competition over food, attention, and objects (toys and games). When we see the world through the eyes of dogs, we’re on our way to a happy dog, and happy owner. Be sure to make dogs work for they need and want. Require your dog to SIT for everything. The results are amazing. Dogs need to work for what they need. We need to allow them to contribute to the pack. Everyone wins!

It’s a team effort.

A healthy life with dogs is similar to a coach and team. The coach makes all the decisions for the team. As we make the decisions for our team, the team performs better because they know what to do. They’re not burdened with the responsibility of leading the pack. That’s the job of the coach. The team can now go and do what’s expected. Being a great leader is the most respectful, and beneficial action, we get to do for our pack. The foundation is built through obedience, now we can create the lifestyle we want.

The companion you want.

Dogs and people have been working together over the centuries. The breeds we know today have specific jobs that they’re ready to do for us. That bond between us is extremely important to remember. Dogs want, and need, to work for us. Give them a job, and they’ll be the companion you want, and our dogs will get the pack they need. Their ability to work promotes a strong, cohesive pack. Dogs that are working are dogs that are happy. These are intelligent animals that want to be stimulated. They’ll be smarter and more relaxed.

Control the environment.

Dogs want, and need, to work for us. Having dogs work for these items will make them happier, and us, as well. Everything dogs want falls into these groups. When we control these three things, dogs know they have a leader they can follow.

Food:  This is the most important. Dogs need to have a meal time. Be sure to pick up their bowl after eating. Food should not be left out for them to nibble. They’re carnivores, and they eat meals. Dogs shouldn’t graze, like cattle.

Praise: We all enjoy petting our dogs, and giving them attention. It’s healthy for all of us. Establish the rule that your friend must sit before getting pet. That will make them focus on you. Your dog will learn to sit for attention, instead of jumping on you. Dogs that sit for their family learn to sit for visitors to the house, as well.

Games: Dogs need to have toys, and objects they can chew to keep them entertained. If your dog has a favorite toy, keep it where you can get it for your time with them. Your friend will look forward to you getting that toy, and be more willing to work.