Walking: There are few activities that are better for us and our dogs than a nice, relaxing walk together. Be sure to focus on your dog so the leash stays loose. A tight leash is stressful. When dogs pull us on walks, we become stressed. Ours companions respond to our stress by becoming stressed, themselves.

Retrieving: Play fetch with dogs! Because canines are prey animals, MOST have a natural desire to retrieve. In addition to our dogs having fun retrieving, it also establishes a working relationship where they’re working for the Alpha. It’s also a great way to get the extra exercise so many dogs need.

Try to incorporate retrieving games into the time you spend with your dog. They enjoy working for you. Try retrieving with a ball or disc, or anything for that matter. Use a long lead to teach them to bring it back to you. Start using commands like “drop” or “release” avoid keep away.


Dogs are social pack animals that enjoy each other. Routine socialization with dogs they know, and don’t know, will keep social skills sharp. Try and find a place where they can meet and play with leashes. Oftentimes, meeting dogs on a leash causes stress, especially as puppies grow into adulthood. Most canines require more exercise than leash walking alone.   Retrieving games will help your dog relax and behave calmly inside the house. A special retrieving toy is a great way to motivate your canine superstar.  Keep the toy hidden and use it for a high energy fetch game.  If your dog runs away with the toy, use a long lead to teach the dog to bring it back.  Reward the dog with another quick toss as soon as the object is released to you.

Train around distractions. Once your canine understands what you want, train for control in all situations. Practice obedience in populated areas (parks, parking lots, neighborhoods).

Off leash training should become another part of training sessions. Delivering commands clearly, and with the proper tone will help your success. Daily training will allow your canine to achieve their full potential.