Puppy Rules


Don’t give “free treats”. Ask him to do something first.

  • If you do not want your puppy to jump as an adult, do not allow him to jump a puppy.

  • Keep your puppy busy

    1. Treat Ball

    2. Throw hand full of food in yard, which makes him use his nose and mind.

    3. Play Hide and Seek

    4. Encourage retrieve games (ball, Frisbee, rope toy, etc.). It’s a great way to have fun and burn off their energy.

    5. Give them things to chew.

  • Take a walk everyday. A fenced yard is great, but doesn’t take the place of a walk. That will keep them mentally engaged.

  • Repetition is the key with puppies, the more you practice the better they understand. But don’t ask your puppy to do anything that you’re not ready to see through to success. Don’t teach him at an early stage that “sometimes you mean it….sometimes you don’t”.

  • Keep the obedience training sessions short, 10-15 minutes is plenty for a puppy.

  • Be PATIENT! It takes time to train a dog.

  • Food can be used to motivate your new pup. Over time, it’ll be important to train them without food.

  • Encourage and mark actions you want by being ready to pet and praise.

  • Say commands once. Take your time and be clear to give them the best chance to succeed.

  • Expose them to new places so they’re comfortable in a variety of situations.