july 4th

Keeping Your Dog Safe and Happy on July 4th


It’s no secret that loud noises freak most dogs out, and according to the ASPCA, one in five dogs will go missing due to these loud noises. When a rumble of thunder or crack of lightning bellows from the sky, your pet might run and hide, or tuck their tail and run to mom and dad. While your presence comforts them, there may be a few more steps to helping your dog stay calm on Independence Day this year.

Before we approach ways to handle the loud fireworks, we need you to understand why your dog is freaking out. Let’s start with the obvious, they’re super loud and unpredictable. Due to these factors, your dog perceives the fireworks as a threat, which is what triggers their fight-or-flight response. Even when dogs are inside, the constant noise makes them feel trapped and triggers anxiety.



Our goal at Queen City Canine is to help keep your dogs safe and happy at all times. Taking these precautionary measures before the fourth will help keep you and your pet feeling calm and happy!

This speaks for itself but take your pets inside. Leaving them outside grants them opportunity to try and escape, so eliminate that possibility and bring them indoors to keep them close to you. If you can, plan to be with them as much as possible that day. While this holiday usually involves us leaving, remember the nervous soul you have waiting at home. If boarding your dogs during this time, make sure to bring familiar items and plenty to chew on!


Keeping them calm

When you do leave, play background noise to help drown out the booming sound of fireworks. If you can, hook up a speaker to play calming music. There are a few ways to keep your pet calm in general that are useful on the fourth of July. Items like familiar blankets, thundershirts and toys can also create a safe space for your pet, whether in your room or in their crate. Remember that your dogs take social cues from you so if you’re nervous, they will pick up on that. Give plenty of treats and remind your pet that they are safe!

Queen City Canine hopes you and your pets have a lovely holiday weekend! Stay cool!