Queen City Canine Training

With over 20 years of experience and wonderful customer service, Queen City Canine has a wide range of options to mold your pet into a well-behaved best friend. All our training programs focus on behavior issues and help develop good manners. From one-on-one classes to group socialization, Queen City Canine has perfect training packages for you and your pup! Review our options below and contact us to get started.


Your dog will learn core commands from sit, heel, come and stay to more advanced commands off-leash and will establish you as the alpha.


Need a safe and welcoming place for your pet to stay? We can provide that, PLUS training sessions throughout your pet’s stay. Your pup will return from Queen City Canine happy and well-mannered!

day camp

Day Camp is the best of both worlds at Queen City Canine! Drop your pup off for play time and training and you’ll pick up a tired, well-mannered pet!


Getting a head start on having a well-trained pet means starting from the beginning. Our Puppy Training program sets them up for success and additional, more in-depth training later on!